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Bridgestone B- Series B290

Bridgestone, Car Tyre

Compatible Vehicles: Tata Indica V2

SKU: TYN-191

Rs. 6185

Bridgestone B290 is one of the hottest selling tyres in the ‘B’ series by Bridgestone. The 3D tread grooves present on the chunkier centre blocks provide a stronger grip and makes for a safer and thus better driving experience even on roads that are wet. The tread and pattern noise is reduced to a large extent thanks to a unique design that arbitrarily varies the pitch of five different-sized tread blocks. There is a higher level of uniformity via the continuous nylon grip that enables the tyre to hold its authentic shape and raise performance levels.


Performance advantages

  • Wet Performance
  • Comfort
  • Winter Performance
  • Trend Life
  • Fuel Efficiency
  • Low Noise

Features and benefits

  • Bridgestone B290 offers formidable braking even on wet surfaces due to the unique mix of rubber compound.
  • The dry braking performance is also nothing short of brilliance which leads to shorter stopping distance.
  • The presence of low and high angle winding grooves along with flexible construction ensures better water dispersion and thus better travelling dynamics.
  • Occupants can enjoy reduced noise levels as the B290 comes enabled by the random sequence arrangement of the 5 separate block pitches.
  • The stiffness is uniform for each tread block resulting in reliable handling and superior stability at high speeds.
  • Every block has identical hardness that provides better stability irrespective of its size.
  • Bridgestone B290 tyres are ideal for highway and city use.
Load Index
Maximum Speed Limit
190 km/ph
Tyre Weight
8kg (approx)
Fuel Efficiency
Fuel Efficient Full
Excellent Braking
Speed Rating
Maximum Load
Construction Type
Low Noise
Warranty Summary
3 Years xpress unconditional warranty
165/65 R 13
Vehicle Models
Tata Indica V2

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