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Bridgestone B- Series B250

Bridgestone, Car Tyre

Compatible Vehicles: Maruti SX4, Skoda New Laura, Toyota Corolla Altis, Toyota Prius, Volkswagen Beetle

SKU: TYN-208

Rs. 11367

The B250 is an aptly designed ‘B’ tyre range from Bridgestone, specifically intended for Indian road conditions. The tyre offers an amazing sense of balance and gives you a quiet and smooth ride every time. It has been designed with grooves plus sipes in the centre to disperse water when driven on a wet and waterlogged road surface. This helps it perform excellently under rainy setup by preventing it against hydroplaning. This all-season tyre ensures a high level of traction in dry conditions and at the time of sudden braking on long routes.


Performance advantages

  • Wet Performance
  • Comfort
  • Winter Performance
  • Trend Life
  • Fuel Efficiency
  • Low Noise

Features and benefits

  • The rigid rubber compound at the base of Bridgestone B250 ensures smooth response, consistency and upright stability.
  • The reinforced sidewalls of B250 provide a high level of steering response on longer routes.
  • The rubber compound used in Bridgestone B250 gets full spiral caps and continuous nylon wrap.
  • The tyre provides uniform wear and innovative tread assists in holding its original shape, resulting in enhanced performance for long.
  • Additional protection on shoulders is provided in the form of extra rubber to avoid cut risks and offer protection against roadside hazard damages.
  • Bridgestone B250 is one of the prominent aftermarket tyres as well as a trusted OE tyre for many passenger cars in India.
  • The extensive size range of B250 tyres caters right from entry-level cars to premium sedans and crossovers in India.
Load Index
Maximum Speed Limit
210 km/ph
Tyre Weight
12kg (approx)
Excellent Braking
Speed Rating
Maximum Load
Construction Type
Low Noise
Warranty Summary
3 Years xpress unconditional warranty
195/65 R 15
Vehicle Models
Maruti SX4, Skoda New Laura, Toyota Corolla Altis, Toyota Prius, Volkswagen Beetle

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